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  • Take the 2020
    New Skin Challenge

    January, 2020

    Become an Elixseri Ambassador. Let us transform your skin with $445 / £340 worth of serums.

  • Acids and
    Skin Care 2

    October, 2019

    ACIDS. The mystery continues. Part two of our 2-part Acid Post is a summary of typical acid questions that we hear most often.

  • Acids and
    Skin Care

    September, 2019

    From plants, fruits, milk or the lab: Acids add umpf to skin care and work in such mysterious ways that even biologists are still trying to understand. What do we know?

  • Sun
    and Serums

    August, 2019

    The sun is the source of life and brings a healthy balance to the entire planet. But it is also dangerous in excess. Read more on how Elixseri serums help your skin maintain its natural balance.

  • The Perfect
    Summer Serum

    July, 2019
    Elixseri Serum Firm Conviction

    Tips for the best summertime skincare: with no-melt makeup guaranteed plus smooth neck and décolleté.