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Our Credos

Pure Tech Beauty™. Based on nature, perfected through science.

At Elixseri, we harness the power of nature through ground-breaking science, state of the art technology, a purist approach and a little dose of magic.

Elixseri micro-biotic formulas are intelligent, targeted, clinically tested and scientifically proven, using nature to reprogram our skin to its optimal performance.


Evolutionary Science
Evidence-based science inspired by millions of years of evolution and Mother Nature’s design.

Innovative Technology
Direct access to the most recent skin care discoveries in Biotech.

Micro-biotic Ingredients
The best bio-mimetic prebiotic ingredients for optimal acceptance and performance.

Luxurious Simplicity
Luxurious and easy to use products that complement any existing skin care regime.

Clean Formulas
Clean, natural and sustainable.

Honest and real
Conversation instead of marketing hype.

flowers on ice


We are Serum Experts.

We push the boundaries of science, technology and nature to create new directions in regenerative skin care that is also luxurious and pleasurable.

The trends that we set become industry standards in beauty.


We create natural, micro-biotic, high performance skin care of the highest quality.

Our products help to reprogram your skin’s unique natural process of regeneration, while bringing pleasure and magic into your daily routine.

We are authentic and honest with our customer, favouring facts and expert advice over false promises or exaggerations.


Innovation & Leadership
Setting new standards in skincare technology and leading the pack in maintaining beautiful skin.

Leveraging the know-how and diversity of our team in a happy place to work with consistent feedback.

Committed in heart and mind. Passionate to the point of obsession. Perfectionist.

Customer Focus
Caring, respecting, serving and listening to our customer. Telling the truth.

Using high quality ingredients and only launching products we know are the best.

Conducting business in an honest and authentic manner. Karma is important to us and we want to be an example.