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Micro-Biotic Formulas

We are experts in crafting MICRO-BIOTIC formulas: potent cosmeceutical blends that use the most bio-identical ingredients from nature, perfected through state-of-the-art biotechnology, to deliver concentrated micro-biotic actives into the deepest layers of your skin.

Taking Evolutionary Science as our guide, we choose natural ingredients that share common genetic origins with our own organisms, to guarantee the best possible compatibility and proven results on cell protection and regeneration. Powerful micro-actives are harnessed from these ingredients, and turbo charged through biotechnology, to provide a focused and optimised action in the skin.



Our serums imitate the inherent biological processes of skin. They offer truly bio-identical ingredients that are more readily recognised and accepted by the skin, with less risk of irritation. Elixseri serums are also bio-available, carrying lightweight ingredients into the deepest layers of the epidermis, where they can perform a direct action on the skin cells. And by exerting a true therapeutic effect, our serums are bio-active. They act directly on the skin’s cellular mechanism, triggering it to respond in the way it should for enhanced functioning (ie better collagen and elastin production, longer lasting moisturisation). Skin is re-programmed for its natural healthy glow.


Elixseri serums optimise your skin’s natural microbiome for a stronger immune system, exerting a normalising effect on your skin’s own bacterial flora. Optimising the production of “good” skin bacteria results in a healthier skin eco-system, a stronger skin immunity and an optimised cellular metabolism.



We select micro-biotic ingredients that complement each other. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals, low molecular weight polyphenols and natural sugars work in harmony while optimising the potency of one another. We resist the urge to combine hundreds of actives in one do-it-all formula that would be counterproductive for your skin. We favour the harmony of natural ingredients that share common genetic origins with our own organisms.


Our micro-biotic ingredients demonstrate proven actions at the molecular level, acting on specific and defined skin concerns. Natural AHAs resurface and normalise epidermal cell layers. Multiple weights of Hyaluronic Acid exert targeted hydration at different levels. Bio-identical oils smooth lines. Natural amino acids preserve collagen. Every Elixseri formula contains the right mix of ingredients that will go where they are needed to perform the action for which they have been selected.

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Ideal Concentrations

You know what they say… “too much of a good thing….” High concentrations of active ingredients – even the most natural – are not compatible with your skin’s biological processes and are often counterproductive. Our skin is a living ecosystem that thrives on balance and our goal is to optimise this balance. At Elixseri, we are taking a stand against concentration confusion. Instead, our formulations are made up of a precise mix of micro-biotic ingredients needed for the best results, with less risk of irritation or oxidation.


Our micro-biotic ingredients are stable to environmental factors like air, UV exposure, dust and pollution. External factors can sometimes wreak havoc on natural ingredients, making them a real challenge to stabilise in skin care formulations. This is why we have chosen to extract the micro-nutrients from these ingredients and stabilise them using biotechnology. Their action is then preserved and boosted, while remaining stable in our serums and in your skin.



With today’s scientific advances, shouldn’t we all be demanding more from our skin care? It is challenging to create high performance formulations that are pure and free from harmful toxins; but it is not impossible. Using nature as a guide, we can locate, isolate, boost and stabilise the purest micro-biotic ingredients from the strongest plant and marine organisms. And we steer clear of any questionable ingredients that do not complement your skin. All Elixseri serums are made from at least 98% natural and bio-identical ingredients. When we can we will always choose the power of Mother Nature over that of Big Chemical.