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Ménage à Trois

Ménage à Trois

Serum System 12 - Resurface, Hydrate and Tighten

Lift and tighten, smooth and hydrate, and bring more “bounce-back” to your skin with the intense treatment found in our Ménage à Trois coffret, Serum System 12. Elixseri, the only brand offering tailored Serum Systems composed of three potent and high-performance serums, combines our best-selling serums to pack a 3 for 1 punch in high-tech skin regeneration.

This serum system is ideal for those looking for a refreshed, dewy and plump complexion. Or those who would like to firm up, tighten pores or mattify shine. It’s also the best System for normal, combination or oily skin types or those craving a smoothed and mat finish for exceptional make up application.

The 10ml luxury travel sizes are ideal for travel as well as for your bag, for a quick serum touch-up on the go.

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| 3 x 10ml




Multi-Level Hydration Cell Plumping Infusion


This silky gel serum provides skin with an instant shot of freshness, vitality and comfort.

Rescue Diver is your lifeguard against dehydration, immediately drenching your skin with multi-level hydration, plumping it from within and keeping moisture levels intact. Wear it under anything.

Key Actives:Hyaluronic Acid Indian Fig Marine Collagen Prebiotic Papaya Ferment Aloe Gorgonian (Sea Whip) Extract Gardenia Meristem Chamomile Water



Overnight Resurfacing Skin Renewal Treatment


Greet the morning with a youthful glow and skin that’s fresh, smooth and silky to touch.

This fluid gel-serum, packed with natural resurfacing actives, is a powerful yet gentle exfoliator and the essential first step in any serious skin treatment system. Opening Act works while you sleep to remove dead cells, cellular debris and product build-up, helping all your other skin care products to work more effectively.

Key Actives:Lactic Acid Natural AHAs Edelweiss Meristem Prebiotic Papaya Ferment Prebiotic Noni Ferment



Lifting, Contouring and Shaping Serum


For skins in need of a little lift, this condensed yet fast-penetrating serum infuses your skin with an optimal cocktail of innovative firming ingredients.

Firm Conviction offers instant firming, lifting and tightening effects that last up to 5 hours, while long-term shaping and contouring actions build up over 28 days. A superb pore-tightener that also mattifies oily shine.

Key Actives:Marine Collagen Filmexel®Prebiotic Noni Ferment Couperine Gardenia Meristem Capsicum Meristem Centella Asiatica Mersistem

Full Ingredients List



Product Actions and Skin Benefits

Your skin looks and feels better
Skin is cleaner, clearer and silky to touch. Complexion appears more luminous, supple and energized. The tonus of your skin is lifted and elastic, bouncing back when touched. Lines and wrinkles are plumped away and skin feels fresh and moisturized.
Compliments arrive
Your skin's surface is smooth and blotchiness is diminished. Cell regeneration is optimised so that the skin's surface is more even and luminous, pores are clean and less visible. Lines and wrinkles are plumped away from underneath and your complexion is more radiant.
Your skin rediscovers its true power
Complexion is fresh, bright and more uniform, with diminished pigmentation, reduced brown spots and redness. Regeneration and cellular renewal are enhanced, so that skin appears more compact and plumped; elasticity is improved and deep wrinkles and expression lines are less visible. Skin is fresh and revitalised, with a healthy glow. Continued use will provide even more noticeable results in the overall look and feel of your skin.

How to Use


Using Serum Individually

Rescue Diver

Perfect for all skin types and great for men and teens. Use daily, morning and/ or evening. Follow with your usual skin care or accompanying Elixseri serum. If layering with Firm Conviction, use Firm Conviction first and follow with Rescue Diver.

Opening Act

Gentle enough for all skin types. Use on clean skin at night, 2 to 5 times per week, no need to rinse. Oilier skins or those in need of detox can use up to 5 times per week. Dry and sensitive skins should use twice weekly. Follow with Rescue Diver and/ or your usual night care.

Firm Conviction

For all skin types and especially combination to oily skins, use morning or evening, as a first layer under usual skin care. Apply sparingly to avoid ribbing. Can be applied over make up during the day when urgent lift is needed.

Using Serums Together

Combination to Oily Skins:

Morning: Apply Firm Conviction to clean skin. Wait 5 minutes and follow with a light application of Rescue Diver, patting for penetration. Once dry, follow with your SPF and/or make up.

Evening: 3 to 5 nights per week, apply Opening Act onto freshly cleansed skin. Wait 5 minutes and follow with Rescue Diver. On the other nights, use Firm Conviction first on clean face, neck and décolleté. Follow with Rescue Diver after 5 minutes if additional hydration is needed.

Dry to Combination Skins:

Morning: Apply Firm Conviction to clean skin. Wait 5 minutes and follow with Rescue Diver and then your day cream.

Evening: 2 nights per week apply Opening Act to clean skin. Wait 5 minutes and follow with Rescue Diver and then your night cream/ oil. On the other nights, use Firm Conviction first on clean face, neck and décolleté. Follow with your night care after 5 minutes.

Very Dry Skins:

Morning: Apply Rescue Diver to clean skin. Wait 5 minutes and follow with your usual day cream.

Evening: 2 nights per week apply Opening Act to clean. Wait 5 minutes and follow with Rescue Diver and then your usual night cream / oil. On the other nights, use Firm Conviction as a night-time firming treatment, on clean face, neck décolleté. Follow with usual night care after 5 minutes.

Additional Tips

Opening Act can also be used more often on the T-zone to control shine or as a spot treatment on blemishes and pigmentation. Skins in need of a detox may notice the appearance of spots during the first week of the treatment. This is normal and will soon clear up.

Firm Conviction can also be used as a spot treatment to tighten areas around the eyes, jawline or neck, and to reduce shine on the T-zone. Be careful not to apply too much serum as the lifting polymer may rib with excess.

Sensitive skins may experience tingling with all serums immediately after application. This is due to the fruit ferments and is normal, it will diminish with use.

With all serums, avoid direct contact with the eye area (close eyes when applying) and discontinue use if irritation occurs.


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I can's resist

Coach V

4 October, 2019

I can't choose which is my favorite product and so now I can have all 3 in this lovely travel box! This is so practical and I have bough for my 3 sisters too!
Τέλειο δωρακι


4 October, 2019

Πολύ μου αρέσει αυτή η μάρκα και αυτό είναι πολύ βολικό σετ για ταξίδια .
Travel light

Marie from Lyon

4 October, 2019

Just at the right time for vacation! Now I can bring my favorite skin care with me. Fantastic!
My favourites


4 October, 2019

I am biased, I am the mother of one of the founders BUT even so, this is a fantastic little set and it includes my favourite products. While I love the full sized bottles, the little sizes are adorable and incredibly practical. If you are looking to try these wonderful serums or to offer a gift, this set is perfect. Bravo!!

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