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Bio Regenerative Technology

ELIXSERI’s exclusive Bio Regenerative Technology, BRGT™ for short, taps into the power of nature to slow down the ageing process, to re-energise the skin's cellular metabolism and to boost the skin's natural regenerative processes, for improved overall skin health and a natural glowing complexion.

BRGT™ fuses three classes of powerful natural ingredients: patent pending Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water, Meristem Concentrates and prebiotic Tropical Fruit Ferments. As the basis for every Elixseri serum, these potent actives work in synergy to ensure that your skin’s microbiome is balanced and kept in optimal health. The result is skin is that is better able to protect, repair and regenerate.


Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water in BRGT™

A ground-breaking innovation in skin care. Scientifically proven to penetrate deeper into the skin, bringing more potent micro-biotic actives directly to the cells. It has a demonstrated action in reducing chronic inflammation, balancing the skin’s microbiome, preserving collagen and encouraging cellular regeneration.

For more information see Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water

Meristem Concentrates in BRGT™

Sometimes known as plant stem cells, these potent plant concentrates are optimised through biotechnology to stimulate their secondary metabolites. Our Meristem concentrates demonstrate a superior anti-oxidant activity, help stimulate the skin’s natural UV protection, preserve the youth of the cell by directly influencing cell regeneration and preserving the extra-cellular matrix.

For more information see Mersitem Concentrates


Prebiotic Tropical Fruit Ferments in BRGT™

The healing and anti-oxidant properties of these fruits are amplified through fermentation, which are in essence pre-digested for a superior bio-availability. Our exclusive Tropical Ferments are rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. They demonstrate superb resurfacing, hydrating and regenerating actions in the skin while also promoting a healthy skin microbiome.

For more information see Prebiotic Tropical Fruit Ferments